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PVMR Engineering

Email: info@pvmr.co.uk  |  Tel: 01263 825 296



HUD-305 Estate Wagon

HUD-304 Manrider

HUD-301 Hudson Budget Wagon

... plus a Binnie Tipper


Hudson bogie and 4-wheel

wagons, Ffestiniog 3-ton slate wagon, all 16mm scale.

PVMR Engineering uses 3D printing, laser cutting and CNC machining to create garden railway models. We specialise in vehicles for narrow gauge in 16mm/ft scale on 32 mm track, but several of our models are available for 45mm gauge, and in 7/8" scale too. Our core range is 3D printed wagon kits with one-piece, polished and ready-to-paint bodies.



Dol latest

Here's a photo of our battery-powered, 32mm gauge Hunslet chassis, courtesy of the Western Region of the PVMR. Unfortunately several of the components made by other companies that went into this design became no longer available. So, at the moment, this project is on hold. The chassis proved entirely capable of hauling a dozen or so wooden open wagons at about 10 scale mph quite happily.


6th July 2016

The good news is that I have passed my end-of-year review, so my teaching career looks to have a future. However, this also means that PVMR remains in mothballs. Given that prices at 3D print firms remain unviably high and all our stock has been sold, barring a few odds and ends, this company perchance may not be dead, but it certainly sleepeth... In the meantime, I am gradually converting this website into a Museum.